The most common reason your brake lights are not working but tail lights do is a bad light bulb. It can also be caused by a blown fuse, bad brake light switch, or issues with the wirings. Your vehicle's taillights are working fine, but the brake lights don't come on when you press the brakes.

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One brake light not working but tail light works

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Tail Lights Not Working: Failure In The Control Switch. The control switch is another one of the possible reasons why your car tail light may not be working even if the brake lights are. When you wish to turn on the headlights or taillights, you must press a switch. It transmits the signal, and the lights begin to illuminate. Step 3 –Check the taillight sockets. The sockets may have a short. 1990-2002 Camaros are notorious for having sealing issues on their taillights. This can cause water to seep in and damage the sockets. The damaged sockets can then cause a short in the system, resulting in blown fuses and lights. Remove the taillight covers.

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Kx8shane. Registered. Joined Jan 14, 2014. 18 Posts. Discussion Starter · #5 · Mar 14, 2015. i found the issue, where my tail light wiring harness (about 2 feet long) plugs into the harness coming from the computer, there were two wires that had come undone. Just have to order a new harness for $30, easy fix. It could very easily be that the brake lights not working isn't related to the incident with the burning smell. Just unplug the brake light switch and connect the two wires by sticking an appropriately bent up paper clip in the ends of the two wires. If the brake lights come on, replace the switch. If the front lights aren't working then the 15 amp "Tail & Panel" fuse may be the problem. However you also have an individual 7.5 amp "Tail" fuse and a 7.5 amp "Panel" fuse. I suspect the "Tail" fuse is the problem. It is #10 in the fuse panel ( adjacent to #11 the "Tail & Panel" fuse) Click to expand. This problem happens to a lot of dodge rams of these years due to the poorly designed fuse box. Moisture and other various things get in there and corrode the connection for the tail light relay. I believe it is # 73 if you turn the switch in the truck on you.

6 Reasons for Tail Lights Not Working but Brake Lights Are (EASY Fix) The most recent update was made on January 5, 2022. Tail lights are an extremely vital safety component on any automobile. They are required when driving at night or during twilight hours, as well as in inclement weather such as rain or snow. Apr 1, 2013. #8. If some of the brake lights are working the the brake switch is ok. Sounds like it could be a bad earth, odd things happen when power has to take a path to earth via a different cicuit. You dont say if the tail lights and indicators work or not, the brake/tail light bulb is dual filament so if the tail light works, it proves. Hi, I have a 99 Ti with combined rear tail light and brake light on the bumper. The right tail light is working as a tail light, but does not work as a brake light. There is only one bulb and it is only on the driver's side, think this rules out both the fuse and the bulb as the culprit. Are.

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3,105 Posts. #3 · Nov 23, 2012. Check fuses first. Inspect the wiring. Its pretty easy to track, all of the lights should be grounded to the tub somewhere as opposed to having a positive/negative return so you may find a loose ground. From there it comes to switches, its a really basic system just takes a little time to look at and trace. If the brake lights don’t work when headlights are on, you will not receive any response. You can look at the switch’s wiring diagram to see how the brake light and turn signal are connected. To engage the light switch, go to the rotary light switches and look for the brake light’s activation source. If the brake pedal is pressed, check.

If not, then check the fuse and more likely the brake light switch. GM was replacing the switch for free but they are only around $10.00 and a 5 minute job to replace on your own. If the light does work then your fuse and brake light switch are OK. Start looking at bulbs.

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